Alicia Penalba (1913-1982)


Viento (Wind)



Polished bronze

32.5 x 32 x 20 cm

Edition of 7 + 1 E/A

Foundry: Valsuani, Paris


Alicia Penalba, Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentina, cat. n° 58A


This bronze sculpture was conceived by Alicia Penalba in 1970 and cast in an edition of 7 + 1 E/A by Valsuani, Paris.

The title of this work translates from Spanish to "Wind" in English. Wind is a dynamic and elemental force that has inspired artists throughout history. This bronze sculpture is an artistic representation of wind, capturing its movement, energy, and intangible qualities. This sculpture takes an abstract approach, using flowing lines, curves, and shapes to symbolize the unseen movement of wind. The sculpture's form is fluid and dynamic, evoking the sensation of wind's gentle breezes or powerful gusts. Wind holds cultural and symbolic significance in various traditions. This sculpture could draw on these cultural associations to convey messages about change, transformation, communication, or even spirituality. Bronze sculptures often emphasize textures, from smooth surfaces to intricate details. This sculpture with the title "Viento" uses contrasting and shiny textures to represent the varying intensities of wind, from gentle breezes to stormy gusts. The interpretation varies based on Penalba's intention and creative approach.



Galerie Alice Pauli, Lausanne, Switzerland

Grodtmann collection, Switzerland

Private collection, Belgium


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