Alicia Penalba (1913-1982)






39 x 17.5 x 17 cm

Edition of 6

Foundry: Valsuani, Paris


Alicia Penalba, Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentina, cat. n° 6A


This bronze sculpture was conceived by Alicia Penalba in 1959 and cast in an edition of 6 by Valsuani, Paris.

Jaguarete is the Guarani word for jaguar, a large predatory cat native to the Americas. The Guarani language is a native language spoken by the Guarani people, who are indigenous to several countries in South America, including Paraguay, Brazil, and parts of Argentina and Bolivia. Guarani is a fascinating and culturally significant language with a rich history and a strong presence in the daily lives of the Guarani communities. This sculpture is an abstract interpretation of a jaguar's form, emphasizing its sleek lines and powerful presence. The abstract nature of this sculpture focusses on capturing the essence or energy of the jaguar rather than its realistic depiction. Jaguars hold cultural and symbolic significance in many indigenous cultures of the Americas. This abstract sculpture interacts with light and shadow in intriguing ways. The sculpture uses these elements to evoke the interplay between light filtering through a forest canopy and the jaguar's hidden presence.


Private collection, Belgium
Private collection, Italy


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