Alicia Penalba (1913-1982)


Grand totem d’amour




136 x 26 x 20 cm

Edition of 6 + 1 E/A

Foundry: Susse Fondeur, Paris


Alicia Penalba, Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentina, cat. n° 4B


This bronze sculpture was conceived by Alicia Penalba in 1954 and cast in an edition of 6 + 1 E/A by Susse Fondeurs, Paris

Alicia Penalba has made three versions of this bronze sculpture. The work shown here is the largest version. The small version is 84 cm high and the middle version is 97 cm high. Together they form a work entitled 'Trois Totems D'amour'


Private collection, Belgium


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